You CAN teach an old dog new tricks...

In the coaching engagement, there is almost always a subtext, a deeper story. Many sessions start off with either, "I am not sure what I want to talk about today" or some seemingly "superficial" concern. But invariably, as we get going, there arises the truer issue. And it seems like it is a surprise to the client.

This happens, almost like clockwork, about 15-20 minutes in.

I get to observe the workings of the human brain. And it utterly captivates and fascinates me.

When I ask a thought provoking question, many times the answer is "I don't know". That's when I know we have hit the jackpot.

We are asking for the neural pathways to switch, kinda like the switch being thrown to get the train take another set of rails.

We are tapping into the beauty of neuroplasticity. For a very long time, we believed that there was an age limit to learning. We now know that is absolutely not true!!!

I see the mind change that happens in my clients at almost every single session.

Coaching helps to train our minds in the direction we want our thoughts to go. It gives us the space and energy to believe that our life trajectory can be different.

It excites as well as makes us nervous.

It exposes the stories that we tell ourselves and leaves us with the confidence of taking control of how we think, how we show up and what we accomplish.

It ingrains a quiet and deep confidence in us to do what we now know is possible.

It allows us to throw the switch and be in charge of the narrative that embodies our lives.

When there is no one else in the room but you, your coach and the thoughts that you get to examine, to check for truth, to decide which ones continue to serve and which ones to discard, magic happens.

No wonder some of the most influential and successful people in the world have coaches.