And isn't that exactly what we try to do? As a woman and as a physician I see this happens a lot, myself included!! If only we work harder, sacrifice a little bit more, be available to everyone who needs us, help everyone feel less pain and sadness....if only.

I remember reading somewhere that no matter how hard we try, it is simply impossible to cure every single thing that ails the world. That is a high bar to set for ourselves and yet, many of us do it!!

And then we are disappointed, frustrated and angered when we are unable to accomplish it.

What if instead, we allowed ourselves grace? That we set simple goals? Take bite size action steps.

Do it with tolerance, love and compassion, first for ourselves and then others who come into our orbit?

Instead of setting ourselves ablaze and burning out like a short lived matchstick, what if we became the pilot light in our oven? One that guides us, is a slow and almost invisible flame and yet is there to kindle similar pilot lights in others?

And that... is the healthy sustainable way to bring your special light into the world.