Thoughts from a trail

Having lived on the Big Island of Hawaii for close to 4 years, I thought we had "seen everything that there was to be seen".

And yet, there's always more. We discovered yet another hiking trail yesterday up near Hawi. There's a tiny airport there and the trail runs alongside it just outside of the fence.

It was another typical gorgeous Hawaiian day, befitting of paradise.

The windmills were spinning lazily. We could hear the cows mooing. A guy was filling the tank of his tiny plane with gas from multiple containers.

I had read there was a heiau up there. These are temple sites all over the island, some with a gruesome history. This one was used to make human and animal sacrifices to appease the Gods.

It was a sobering thought as we walked amongst the pile of rocks. It is considered a place filled with mana (spiritual energy) and until fairly recently was not open to the public, as are most heiaus.

Here's a link to learn more

So many thoughts come up as I explore. It's so easy to judge ancient practices with our modern minds. But the truth is, it made sense to them then. The way to understand why certain behaviors happen is to learn more about those times.

And it is not dissimilar to what is happening now with the pandemic. There are still people who think the whole thing, vaccines and masks are all some kind of a hoax. Historians and others are going to look back at these times and shake their heads.

And so it continues...

It reminds me... again...why I am so fascinated by human behavior and psychology.

Our lives are short. When we are out in nature or walking around historical sites, I always remember that. And I think, it's worth making it as meaningful as a good way.

The mind is a powerful place.

Be careful of what you allow in and what you keep out.