The truth about coaching..

The coaching process can be highly uncomfortable. I am not going to tell you otherwise. Our brain is a container for our stories. These are what we identify with and who we believe we are. Stories are created by our experiences, values and other shaping factors over lifetimes. So there is a comfort attached to them, even if they are not necessarily happiness inducing narratives.

As humans, we crave stability and certainty.

So during coaching, a really good coach provokes disruptive thinking. She gently encourages her client to examine the truth of the story in her head. Is this still true today and of service to you? Or is it our reluctance to let go of the old stories that is holding us back in the direction we need to go in order to evolve?

Like I said, not comfortable!!!!

However, when the client approaches this box with curiosity and a willingness to at least entertain the possibility of change, something remarkable happens. A shift. An insight. An aha moment.

And it is supremely magical. There is a crack in the perspective that allows for a beam of light to enter.

The client catches a glimmer of the possibility for change, becoming untrapped.

And what makes it all worth it!!

Have I piqued your curiosity?

If you want to experience this remarkable process, reach out.

You never know. It might just change your entire life.