The Renaissance Woman

I don't know if there is an established Archetype but a friend of mine has been calling me a Renaissance Woman for a while. So I decided to look up the definition. Per the Merriam-Webster dictionary it means : a woman who is interested in and knows a lot about many things.

I read this and it strikes a deep chord in me. YES!!!!! This is true of me....but also many of the women friends I have.

It's fun and exciting to be a Type 7 Enneagram (the Enthusiast) combined with being a Renaissance Woman.

However, this is not great for business, which insists on a "niche" and standing for one unique thing.

All my life, I was focused on becoming and being the best possible physician I could be. When I went through burnout, I sought out answers to why I was not happy.

Many books and podcasts later, I have explored any and all aspects of human development.

Lifestyle Medicine opened my eyes to the Six pillars of physical and mental wellness. I noticed two components missing. Financial and spiritual wellness.

I became a Certified Money Mindset Coach that I truly believe is spiritual work. It's never just about the money, rather it's all the drama that surrounds and accompanies it.

I became totally immersed in mind-body-spirit connection and how it affects our overall health.

The importance of mindfulness and meditation in staying grounded, focused and frankly, sane has been on my radar for more than 20 years, leading me to becoming a certified meditation instructor.

And then, going from "being the expert in the room" telling patients what to do, to becoming a life coach where my client is the expert of her own life and writes her own prescription for health, wealth and happiness has completed the loop for me.

Having worked with thousands of people over the course of my lifetime, I have an utter fascination for human behavior and motivations, all directed by mindset. This of course, is fashioned by external and internal circumstances, creating the uniqueness of each individual.

This draws me to the Enneagram which is the closest modality I can find to encompassing almost all human personality types, not to box anyone in, but rather offer a general framework.

The point being, when I am in session with a client, I can pull out the exact tool, resource or provocative question they need in that moment.

Staying focused, intent only on this one person on the screen right in front of me, right now, I have honed my intuitive skills to a T.

All this to say, I am seeing a "coming together" of all my talents, of lessons learned in this phase of life school in service of those who come into my life.

And I am ecstatic beyond belief to have been born a "Renaissance Woman".

If any of this resonates, reach out to me. If there is a struggle going on in your life, there is a very good chance I can help you sort things through.