Team Flip

I was watching the latest Netflix special by Aziz Ansari. I love comedy. It's funny but often carry meaningful messages in a way that is not too offensive. If anything, it's an effective way to really make you think.

Consider if the life you are in, is the one that you agree with.

Aziz talks about how social media and news outlets have insinuated themselves into our lives. How our views of the world, other people and ultimately ourselves are being subtly manipulated and shaped by forces that are only interested in one thing. Making money.

He demonstrates the importance of "creating content" to capture audiences, keep them engaged, entertained and even fearful if necessary to stay in the limelight. Even if the content is crap.

(He does use Trump as an example).

He relates this funny-but-sad story of being on the phone with his Mom and browsing a dumb article at the same time.

Realizing how much his brain was being hijacked, not having been able to cut out social media or browse the internet for hours, he (gasp) now has a flip phone.

Sounds courageous and...crazy at the same time, right??

I had a similar kind of epiphany a few weeks ago. When I first watched "Social Dilemma" I was transfixed, flabbergasted and pulled in...all at the same time.

It felt like an absolute validation of what I had suspected for a while.

The apps are created to be addictive.

Behavioral scientists were hired to see how mimicking slot machines could be used as a prototype for these apps!!

So I stayed away from Facebook for a few days but then slowly got drawn in again. Of course, I said to myself that I knew how to control my use.

Sadly, I have to report I am as willpower -less as anyone else.

So the only thing to do was to delete my accounts, which I have done.

I want my mind back. I want to be in charge of how I see the world. To study it, to dial in and hone my intuition, to use my God given intelligence to reach my own conclusions.

In a way, I think there is a small but growing number of humans who have had it with how things operate in the world.

So my friend, if you have stayed with me this far, thank you. Ask yourself, is it time to join Team Flip?