Money and Time Leaks

If we live to be 90, we have 788400 hours of life.

It may seem like a lot but it goes by fast!!

The frenzied pace in modern times seems to be only increasing. There are more activities to distract us than ever before. It can seem like our attention has been kidnapped.

It hit me today that I spend too many precious minutes of my life cleaning out junk email everyday. That's crazy, right? What else could I do with that time? Meditate, exercise, read, connect with a loved one or just allow my mind to rest.

So I took a few minutes today to unsubscribe to many of them. Ones I never open anyway.

I am actively looking for and plugging "time leaks".

Similarly, we can be victims to money leaks. How many subscriptions do you have that you don't use anymore? To the gym ( I had a friend who had 3 memberships and never used any of them!!). For supplements that keep piling up in the cabinet. And do you really need that Amazon subscription anyway? One of my clients did a "money leak cleanse" and found $150/month. Not a huge amount but it adds up!!

If it is important to you to live a dialed-in life, on your own terms and not be hijacked by the noise around you, please take some time to look for areas of time and money leaks in your own life and work to stop them.

You will be happy you did😊

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