But...what will people think??

Growing up in India, this was almost a daily refrain I heard…or absorbed. It was a very conservative society some 50 years ago. I went to a school that was for girls only until the 10th grade. Let’s just say boys were an entirely different species. Somehow, I became convinced that if I even innocently talked to a boy, society would consider me to be a “loose” woman.

Even as I am typing this, I am shocked at the ridiculousness of it…but also not shocked. Conditioning by our peers, elders and others is necessary in order to keep society orderly. However, this has the potential to stunt who we REALLY are. It does not allow us to explore our inner landscape so we can live in authenticity.

Unfortunately, “what will people think?” can be a way to keep ourselves small. We use that as a yardstick whenever we want to do or say something that feels more in alignment with our TRUE being and more often than not, ends up in us playing small. Justifying why we should not take that step…that move which feels exciting, scary and fun.

So ask yourself, what is that THING for you? That deeply held dark secret that you have been talking yourself out of…possibly for years.

Is it leaving a job that is slowly erasing you to open up a florist shop or sell jewelry at your local farmers’ market?

Is it selling everything you own and go backpacking around the world?

Or is it to ease away from those friends that you know are not exactly healthy for you?

As a coach, I have helped so many of my clients tune in to who they REALLY are. It can be scary and nerve wrecking. After all, we are overturning decades of conditioning and believing the thoughts that kept us safe. However, when they show up courageous, nervous and ready to do the work, I see miracles unfold in front of my own eyes!!

Allow those thoughts, beliefs and feelings to rise to the surface. Face those demons. And when you are ready to have someone in your corner to support you as you “unfold the NEW and improved YOU”, reach out to me 😊