Learning the alphabet before learning to spell

What if you thrust a book in the hands of a child who has never learned the alphabet? How successful would she be at reading? That would be frustrating, both for the child and the parents, not to mention the teacher.

And yet, when it comes to finances, that's exactly what happens. There is no dearth of information out there about how to manage our money. The internet is swarming with financial advisors, planners and a gazillion websites and money gurus telling us how to save, invest, spend etc.

In spite of all this knowledge out there (which is frankly overwhelming, confusing and could be Greek for all we care), our personal finances are not in the best shape. So many people live paycheck to paycheck, regardless of what they make. Debt keeps continuing to burden physicians as much as many other people.

It's hard to find someone you can trust, who has your best interest at heart and is not just trying to sell you "products" that may or may not actually help you.

In this milieu, is it not important to first examine our money behaviors, patterns and beliefs? Get very clear about what we value? So that we can align money with what is crucially important to us?

I think once you do the inner work around money, you have learned the alphabet. It begins to make sense. You are now able to look at money decisions clearly and it all falls in place. Reading then becomes as natural as breathing.

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