I didn't become a physician to make money

Is this a thought that has come up for you over and over again? On one hand, you are drowning in student debt and other loans. On the other, you know you should be asking for higher pay, at least equal to what your male colleagues are making. And you feel really uncomfortable to have that conversation and avoid it. Or you have it, but it comes out apologetic and super awkward.

Money is everywhere. You wish you did not have to think about it or deal with it. Why does all this have to be so hard??

Well, as a money mindset coach, I have definitely thought about this...a lot. We have so many hang ups and stories that we either inherited or absorbed from culture about money.

Medicine is particularly challenging because it is an altruistic profession and somehow there is a sense of "ugliness" attached to money. The fear that others would think we are being greedy. Or that somehow it violates ethics or that it is not professional.

Of course there is also the fear of "being laughed out of the room"...

Relax. These are actually very common and normal thoughts. You are not the only one having them.

And I am happy to report these thoughts can be changed. Once you see how they came about, you can set about altering them. You can learn how to own your worth and stay in your own integrity. You can have those money conversations with clarity and the right "energy".

It's what I help my clients with one on one or in my group program, The Money Healing Circle. So if you want to do your deep "inner" money work and become confident about your values, I am your gal..

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