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There can be so much drama in our heads when it comes to money!!

As a money coach, I feel like I have heard every single thought, feeling or belief there is about it. Some love it and cannot get enough of it. They attach happiness, self-worth and power to money.

It reminds me of a kitten hunting for a mouse. Once it does catch it, the kitten sometimes looks confused, not quite knowing what to do with it.

These people are in it for the chase. There is a thrill attached to watching the money coming in. Making money just for the sake of it…

Since there is literally no limit to how much one can make (and this may not resonate with everyone), I have seen they can have a deep sense of dissatisfaction because the thing they are chasing can never be caught.. I call it “The hungry ghost syndrome”.

And then there are others who would rather not think about money, or feel it is the root of all evil.

Some believe that only sheer toil and hard work can bring in money. Some others literally “Hate” money.

The field of behavioral economics is the study of our relationship to money. It is utterly fascinating to say the least. In and of itself, money is an inanimate object, but humans have assigned it power. It is a way of attaching value to a certain item or experience that we have mutually agreed to. Much easier than the old barter system… or lugging around huge imprinted tablets which were the IOU’s in the remote past.

So coming back to the modern day, how can we change our attitude towards money that is BALANCED? An attitude of making friends with it, seeing it for what it is and not allow our emotions to be swayed by what the majority of the world thinks/feels about money?

By doing the inner, spiritual work of course. This takes time, courage to look past our money blocks and create a blueprint that is unique to us. And that, in a nutshell, is what you stand to gain by signing up for money coaching!!!