When I was faculty during my hospitalist days, residents who were co-managing patients would many times want to order a number of tests. I understood why that was. We do not want to miss anything, take chances on a patient's life or health. Especially when in training, we tend to feel unsure, nervous and very much struggling with "imposter syndrome". We want a clear definition of what is going on with the patient. (Ha, if you met my patients you would quickly realize that was a futile desire!!!).

However, my role was more than just teaching. It required me to instill a deeper thought process, help them minimize knee jerk reflexes and to help them trust themselves more. I also had the role of what I considered medical stewardship and preventing unintended harm to the patient.

I became famous for asking them this question. "What would you do differently with the results of the test?"

Many times I would get a blank stare. Isn't that "the protocol?".. get the famous ER panel. BNP. D-dimer. Troponins. Echo. CT chest….on and on and on…

However, after a few minutes, it would sink in. There would be a clearing of the furrow in their forehead. They learned never to start the "H&P" presentation with "And the chest CT showed…"..

I want to tie this in with wealth and possessions. I see a mad dash to the finish line. I want more, more, more…. I want 20 million dollars before I can quit my job/retire/have a life …



Because we have somehow come to believe that happiness is like money. You can never have enough of it. We forget that money itself is an innate object. It's what we utilize it for that matters. We are burying ourselves in consumerism, in Stuff. That brings us temporary happiness. That brand new Mercedes you bought a few years ago? How long before your happiness returned to set point? And the groan of your wallet every time you take it in for "routine maintenance"..

Some of you may argue, well I use money to go on vacations and on having amazing experiences. Kudos to you!! I am a lover of those things too.. after all, life is to be enjoyed.

However, what is it costing you in terms of stress, relationships etc. to keep making more money?

With money coaching, you get to explore what your real motivation is behind your ideas about money.

Because, it is never just about the money 😊.