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Life Coaching

Are you....

someone who is considered "highly successful" by everyone around you?
On paper, you have it all. You should be blissfully floating amongst the clouds.
You have a seemingly perfect life.
Everyone thinks you have it together...

BUT the truth is...

There is a thirst inside of you that cannot be quenched. 
A yearning that simply will not go away.
You KNOW that a life filled with meaning, purpose and passion is what you NEED and WANT.
Well, today is your lucky day!!

Forces beyond that you can see or touch have brought you into my orbit...!!!


It's time for you to wake up and take charge!!!!!

Architectural Abstract Painting
Desert Storm

I am...

a multi passionate, multi talented human with extensive training in a multitude of things that you can read about here (if so inclined...)

I technically left conventional medicine in 2020...

but in reality the actual emotional separation took place way back.

I was groomed to be a physician since before I could walk or talk.

Being the "good child", I obediently did everything I needed to get into medical school.
I played by the rules that my parents, teachers and society had set up.

But honestly, there were several moments of doubt inside of me.


Is this truly my soul's purpose?
What if I was meant for something else?

I became disillusioned by medicine and went through burnout.


It was the best thing that happened to me

It forced me to question everything I was told was true.  I began exploring what was possible for ME,

Can you really change your life?


Yes, yes and 100% YES.

Is it easy??  Hell NO.

Can you do it on your own?

Sure, with lots of heartache, going down rabbit holes,

wasting precious moments (and gobs of money) you could have spent

enjoying LIFE 2.0, the vastly improved version.

Is there a better way?

I thought you'd never ask....

Thank the Divine, yes there is.

​If you choose to work with me, I will hold your hand every step of the way.
Our coaching sessions are filled with meaningful conversations. 

You get to deep dive into your own unique values and goals. 

I help you
CREATE and IMPLEMENT a blueprint, a framework for the life you want.
Personalized, unique, totally bespoken
After all, there's never been anyone else like you on this Earth and never will be.

How can a "course" or a "group program" ever be tailored to your


You get me to be your guide, mentor, consultant, coach, cheerleader, basically whoever you need me to be
on your 2.0 life version journey.

So if you're done reading self help books, listening to a million podcasts,
following "gurus" touting "10 steps to Nirvana"
AND you are ready to step into your maximum potential gloriousness...
take that first heart pumping step.

Red Landscape

Reach out to me...

​Your brain is probably going to jump in here with a gazillion reasons not to do it.
What if she can't help me?
What if her program is "too" expensive?
What the heck will my family/friends/colleagues think of me?

And the most scary of them all....

Can I really, really do this?

​Do I have it in me to break free of the shackles that have kept me from claiming my true self for so
long that I have forgotten who the "real me" is?

​Good!!!!! I love your brain.

​It's doing it's job of keeping you safe.
Not allowing you to take chances.
Trying to convince you that it's normal to feel this way and
that you really shouldn't rock the boat.

And the first test!

So be defiant!!!

Take that first bold step outside of the cocoon of your comfort zone.
The cocoon that you have outgrown and is digging into your ribs.
Calm down that gremlin which is offering up infinite reasons to not do it.

​See you at the start line!!! Let's get you going!